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The League has developed and introduced a traffic course designed to be used by municipal courts choosing to offer the prejudgment alternative disposition procedure for traffic offenses under the court’s jurisdiction. 

Under Chapter 8 of WV Code, municipal courts are authorized to offer this prejudgment alternative disposition for offenders who want to avoid points on their driver’s licenses.   Some municipal courts have developed classes to offer offenders; however, many others have asked for an online tool that they can use to offer this procedure.  From those request’s, our web team has developed a driver safety test that can be accessed from any computer with internet capabilities.  The League will not compete with the Courts who have already established driver safety education courses as all violators must have the courts’ permission to use this service.  The same procedures are in place and are explained on our forms.  All fines and fees must be paid and the court must authorize the offender to log in.

If you desire additional information please call the League Office, 304-342-5564.