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The Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) of the League provides the general legislative policy guidance to League staff. The LPC meets monthly throughout the year and weekly during the legislative session to evaluate bills and work with the League’s Board of Directors and staff to determine official WVML positions on legislation. 

The LPC includes fifteen members as follows: The League’s five Executive Officers, two City Managers, one Finance director, one Planning Director, one Clerk/Recorder and five Mayors or Councilmembers. Members of the committee are to be nominated and elected by membership in conjunction with the League’s Annual Business meeting on staggered two-year terms. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the committee are the President and Vice-President of the League by virtue of their elected position.

The LPC has an open-door process and welcomes member participation in its meetings. Any member community wishing to propose legislation can submit that to League staff at any time.

Seat Name Term
President Mayor Tom Joyce  
Vice-President Mayor Randy Barrett  
Secretary Mayor Scott James  
Treasurer Mayor Robbie Skinner  
Immediate Past President Mayor Chris Tatum  
City Manager City Manager Mike Webb 2022 - 2023
City Manager City Manager Misty Hill 2022 - 2024
Finance Director Treasurer Billie Trump 2022 - 2024
Planning Director Planning Director Dan Vriendt 2022 - 2023
Clerk/Recorder Clerk Kim Benson 2022 - 2024
Mayor/Councilor Mayor Kevin Knowles 2022 - 2023
Mayor/Councilor Mayor Anne Cavalier 2022 - 2024
Mayor/Councilor Mayor Alexandria Hunt 2022 - 2023
Mayor/Councilor Councilor Bill Kawecki 2022 - 2024
Mayor/Councilor Mayor Glenn Elliott 2022 - 2023
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