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Whether your municipality has a population of 50 or 50,000, it has a major stake in Legislative deliberations in Charleston. Consequently, an important League priority is Municipal autonomy. The League has a long-established reputation as an articulate advocate for municipal interests.

Every bill pending before the Legislature which might affect localities is evaluated by the League’s Legislative Committee, and aggressively opposed or supported by the League’s lobbying team in concert with local officials from around the state.

The League’s position on the respective measures, which number close to 400 in the average session, is reported to officials in every community through our weekly Legislative Report.

A quick telephone call or website visit will get you status reports on pending legislation, copies of bills or laws and general background data on any legislative matter.

The WV Municipal League is the official membership organization of local governments dedicated to advancing the public interest, building democracy and community, and improving the quality of life by strengthening the capacity of local governance and advocating the interests of local communities.

Local government officials, as custodians of democratic values, work together through the WV Municipal League to safeguard the authorities and improve the capacities of local governments to respond to the needs and aspirations of the people.

We also believe that the level of government that functions closest to its citizens is the one best able to govern most effectively.  Moreover, we believe that most of the citizens of this State share this view.  We ask that the legislature and the administration join with the WV Municipal League to strengthen and streamline the administrative, fiscal and policy relationship between the two levels of government.

Local government officials act together through the WV Municipal League to express and advocate their common interests and views as responsible partners in the democratic system of governance.

In carrying out this mission the WV Municipal League serves as an advocate for its members in WV in the legislative, administrative, and judicial processes that affect them; develops and pursues a state municipal policy that meets the present and future needs of our State’s municipalities and the people who live in them; and provides information, education, and technical assistance to local officials to help them improve the quality of life and delivery of services in their cities, towns, and villages.

The League is a voluntary, nonpartisan organization operating through an Executive Director with offices in Charleston, West Virginia.

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