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This off-year election day, citizens of Kentucky and Mississippi will choose governors, while in big cities, including Philadelphia, Houston and San Francisco, they’ll select mayors and other local representatives. But as voters head to the polls in a slew of important local races, municipalities must consider the impact of voter roll purges, voter I.D. requirements, and poll shutdowns on residents of color. Voting in

Last week, two bipartisan water infrastructure bills that advance NLC’s Rebuild With Us infrastructure campaign saw action in the House. Together, the bills address the nation’s aging water infrastructure and provide communities with additional flexibility in improving their water systems. On Oct. 28, the House passed the Full Utilization of the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund

Interested in becoming a climate leader like Shawnee? Apply today for NLC’s Leadership in Community Resilience program. Deadline is December 20. Across the country, local leaders are recognizing the benefits of reaching across jurisdictions to address climate issues. While regional collaborations of any kind can be challenging, elected officials and their staff know that social,

NLC is continuing the fight against telecom preemption. We have joined a number of local governments and municipal organizations throughout the country in opposition to recent proposals from the Wireless Industry Association (WIA) and the Communications Technology Industry Association (CTIA). These proposals aim to further limit local oversight of wireless towers and pole attachments. The

Every day cities, towns, and villages across the country face challenges posed by mental illness, substance use disorder and homelessness. An effective response by municipal leaders requires a comprehensive, multi-sector approach. On Wednesday, October 30, the National League of Cities held a briefing on Capitol Hill so that local leaders could tell Congress what they need,

San Antonio has built a thriving city that works for all – and it started with a commitment to its youngest. In November, when city leaders head to San Antonio, Texas for the National League of Cities annual City Summit, the host city is a shining example of local leaders working to build a community

Every year, roughly 200,000 enlisted service members separate from the military and begin their transition back to civilian life. For most veterans, that transition into a “new normal” also means finding a new job. In fact, more than 9 million veterans participate in the civilian labor force. But many face unique challenges to securing meaningful

To address the root causes of poor health in American Cities, NLC is pleased to announce our 2019 cohort in the new Cities of Opportunity: Healthy People, Thriving Communities Initiative. This effort builds on the success and experiences of the Cities of Opportunity pilot, made possible with generous support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Scooters, scoot over. Drones may be the next big technology to arrive in cities. There are nearly 1.3 million registered drones in the United States, and more than 116,000 registered drone operators. The technology is relatively cheap, business interest and recreational use is high, and all that’s holding major industry actors – UPS, Amazon, Uber

This is a guest post by Meredith Trimble, senior marketing content specialist for Tyler Technologies Has your city experienced a cybersecurity incident? Some municipalities circle the wagons after incidents to shield residents from worry and hide vulnerabilities from other potential attackers. Often, residents remain unaware of a breach or consequences. Some attacks make big news,