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Regardless of where you sit within a municipality, be it on the frontlines or in the City Manager’s office, you will inevitably find yourself in a position of responding to human needs. Isn’t that what public service is all about? Isn’t this what we signed up for? Of course, it is not always easy to

Local leaders are taking bold action to address the housing affordability challenges in their communities. While current levels of federal and state support for affordable housing are invaluable, it is clear that more must be done to combat the current lack of affordable housing options that is weighing heavily on far too many families. NLC’s recent

Municipal officials have a new opportunity to address food and housing insecurity and other basic needs that prevent many students from completing their postsecondary credentials. With a new grant awarded by The Kresge Foundation, the National League of Cities is launching a technical assistance initiative, Cities Addressing Basic Needs to Improve Postsecondary and Workforce Success.

Four years ago, Denver International Airport (DEN) sought a certification program to guide its partners and concessionaires in measurable corporate sustainability practices. And Certifiably Green Denver (CGD), administered by the Denver Department of Public Health & Environment, offered a robust sustainability program applicable to airports. CGD provides free one-on-one advising, helping local businesses save money

From large metropolitan centers to rural villages, investment matters. Even the tiniest of contributions in our communities can make all the difference. In low and moderate-income (LMI) areas, where private investment rarely flows without public incentives, federal investment can make all the difference. For many members of Congress, the question is not whether federal investment

In 1985, Dubuque decided it wasn’t going to die. Many of our nation’s cities, towns and villages face unique challenges to build, maintain or rekindle the love between the community and its members. Dubuque is one of the oldest cities on the Mississippi River and the oldest community in Iowa. Now a sparkling city on

Whenever I talk about organizational plans, I ask the audience to quote, verbatim (and without looking at their city’s website or their business card) their city’s vision statement, or mission, or set of core values. This evokes bemused laughter. I’ll often get partial answers: “There’s something about service.” “Quality . . . I think.” “Umm

Big cities and big data tend to get most of the attention in publications and on industry panels. Rapid urbanization and the explosion of data are headlining trends. In reality, however, the United States is a nation of small towns. According to Census Bureau information, the median American lives in a city with a population

Local Tools to Address Housing Affordability: A State-by-State Analysis is the fifth annual report produced in partnership with the 49-state municipal leagues. This post is part of a series highlighting findings from this new report. While the growing housing crisis stems from numerous factors, such as a housing shortage and lack of affordability, discrimination in the

Picture the scene: Approximately one thousand ten-year-olds packed into an expansive field house, explaining to their parents, teachers and other guests what worsening climate impacts will feel like in Evanston, Illinois, and how their ideas or products could help mitigate these effects. The crowd convened at Evanston Township High School (notably, the country’s largest high school

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