While the City and County of Denver is under a Stay At Home Order to combat the spread of COVID-19, our incredible public servants continue to work and innovate. More than ever, libraries and cities are teaming to leverage our public assets to meet the needs of our diverse community during this crisis. The difficult

Cities around the country want to reopen for business while protecting the public’s health. To reopen the American economy safely and with complete confidence, the path depends on several critical factors that must be concurrently in place – challenging to achieve but doable. Widespread testing to diagnose COVID-19 and track status of spread across populations

As local officials across the country respond to the novel coronavirus, many are realizing there is a unique opportunity to rethink what the new normal should be. More importantly, how might it be better than where we’ve come from. I have already seen examples of great efforts emerging like the one from NLC to ensure that local governments of all sizes

The legacy of structural racism from redlining, urban renewal, and other local, state, and federal policies has led to generations of disinvestment and hazardous environments in communities of color, especially Black communities. It has become clear that the COVID-19 crisis continues to exacerbate racial inequities in health and healthcare access resulting from this legacy.   Rochester Mayor Provides Example of Leadership  Mayor Lovely Warren of Rochester,

When President Trump tweeted that he intended to temporarily suspend immigration into the United States due to COVID-19 no one quite knew what to expect. The presidential proclamation prevents foreign nationals who are outside of the United States now and for the next 60 days (possibly longer if the proclamation is extended) from applying for legal permanent

Across the country, mayors are stepping up and making tough decisions during the coronavirus pandemic to protect the health and welfare of their residents in cities, towns and villages. From being some of the first leaders to issue stay at home orders, to supporting small businesses in their communities with grants and loans and protecting

As the third-largest city in the State of Arizona and one of the largest cities in the Unites States, Mesa is taking a proactive approach to learning about our community needs. We decided that the best way to help our residents, our non-profits and our business community was to go directly to the source and ask.  This early research is key to helping Mesa

Adjusting During COVID-19 With millions of Americans now working from home right now, roads have shifted from being a means to get to and from work to spaces for residents to exercise and get to the grocery store. In the long list of changes caused by COVID-19, how residents move around their cities and towns

Some people have already received their stimulus payment, some are waiting to receive them, and some may never receive them unless they also receive guidance from their city. Due to things like lower access to internet and banking, low-income Black individuals will likely face the greatest challenges in receiving a stimulus payment. Local leaders can

How will COVID-19 change long-term efforts to address climate change? Is the current Coronavirus pandemic a prelude to the climate disasters cities will face in the future? On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, NLC Sustainability and Resilience experts reflect on how COVID-19 will change the way cities mitigate and adapt to climate and environmental policy.   The Future is Local By

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