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8:00 AM to 8:45 AM

Registration with “What Not to Wear to Court”

8:45 AM

Opening Remarks and Introductions WVML Lisa Dooley

9:00 AM

Dr. Meffert, River City Chiropractor
“Help Me Make It Through the Day”

9:45 AM

Suzann Singleton – Introduction to Jump Drive

10:00 AM

Department of Motor Vehicles

  1. Citations – Michael Chamberlin, Supervisor Jill Clark, Lead CSR
  2. Insurance – Debbie Field, Manager
  3. DUI/Deferral – Deborah Ferguson

10:45 AM

Mid-Morning Break

11:00 AM

Highway Safety – Trish Anderson, Bob Tipton, Barbera Lobert, Charlie Kessel, William King, Austin Macri

11:30 AM

Q & A with State Agencies

12:00 PM

Lunch – There are some changes

We are asking everyone to stay seated until their group is called

1:00 PM

WV State Auditor’s Office – Dawn Cork, Municipal Field Inspector, Chief Inspector Division

2:00 PM

Treasurer’s Office

2:30 PM

Afternoon Break

2:45 PM

West Virginia State Police CIB – Sgt Pettry

3:30 PM

Learning the Power of Networking – “You Are Not Alone” Hosted by Terri Allen/Robin Smith and Suzann Singleton – Door Prizes

There will be clerk tips at the top of the hour!

A prize will be awarded every hour!

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