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The Purpose

The goal of the annual WVML All-Star Community Awards Program is to recognize and encourage innovation and excellence in local government in West Virginia.  The program provides the opportunity for officials and staff of League member cities to receive appropriate recognition by their peers and the public for superior and innovative efforts in their profession.  In addition, the program provides a means of sharing the best public service ideas in West Virginia, demonstrating that local government public servants are progressive, competent and caring, and providing other city officials a chance to learn what works.

The Rules

Your city must be a member of the WVML to enter. A member city is allowed to enter only one entry in each category, and each city may win only one All-Star Community Award per year, however the second entry may qualify for a Certificate of Recognition.  Entries must describe an individual program and project showing significant results brought to conclusion.

Preparation of Entries

The entry form has been designed to simplify the entry process.  Answer the eight questions as clearly and completely as possible.  Information requested includes a description of the project/ activity, what makes the program innovative and/or progressive, community or citizen participation in planning and/or initiating the project, and the improvement in delivery of services and cost savings brought about because of the efforts. 

Materials illustrating your project or program can be included by emailing them to These can include charts, newspaper clippings, letters, photos, reports, brochures, videotapes and other program materials. Any additional materials should be sent to the league by June 16, 2023.

The Categories (One entry per city may be made in each of the following two categories:)

* Enrichment - Any program to improve the quality and/or quantity of city service delivery. Also, any programs or projects that improve physical or economic vitality of the community, such as business development, construction projects, housing projects, urban renewal, downtown revitalization, historic preservation or neighborhood development, public/private partnerships.

* Cost Reductions/Savings - Any program innovations, training, communications, computer applications, utilization, fiscal applications, and intergovernmental cooperation that results in cost stabilization or savings in the delivery of services.

The Judging

Entries will be reviewed by a committee comprised of three individuals knowledgeable in local government.  The judges will look for innovativeness of the program, the success of the program, and the adaptability of the program by other localities.

The Prize

The All-Star Community Award is an attractive, engraved, wood plaque suitable for display in your city hall. The awards will be presented at the Annual Conference Awards Dinner held on August 1, 2023 at Oglebay Resort in Wheeling, WV.

Entry Deadline - Entries are due in the League office by June 16, 2023.

For more information about the All-Star Community Awards program, please call us at 304-342-5564.

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