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The Municipal League is beginning the legislative policy process that will end with a statement of policy adopted by the members at the Annual Conference in August. 

The current statement of policy can be found at WVML staff and the Legislative Committee use the Policy Statement adopted by the members at the Annual Business Meeting to develop a package of Legislation to the next Legislative Session.  In addition, the staff uses the policies to guide positions taken by the Municipal League in response to legislation brought forward by others, and to answer questions about the League’s position on a variety of issues.

We need to hear what you think should be priorities for the Municipal League!

If you have thoughts or suggestions you would like to have addressed by the Municipal League in the West Virginia Legislature, please explain them below.

We will take any suggestions to the Policy Committee, where they will consider them for incorporation into the WVML Policy Statement.  Suggestions may also be introduced from the floor on August 5, 2021, during the Annual Business Meeting, held at the WVML Annual Conference, August 3-6, 2021 at Oglebay Resort.

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