In partnership with Sustainable Strategies DC, WVML has launched a new “WVML Resource & Advocacy Program” (WRAP) that will help member municipalities secure funding and other resources for community projects and priorities.  WRAP will also organize West Virginia municipalities to establish an annual “Federal Advocacy Agenda” and help communities convey their voices on federal legislative, regulatory, funding and policy issues to Congress, the White House, federal agencies and other key officials. 

Through the WRAP Program, members will have access to: 

  • Annual Training Workshop on Resource Advocacy to be held at the WV Annual Conference to help localities boost their efforts to seek and secure funding resources for their priorities. 
  • Monthly Webcasts on Resource Advocacy to provide members with information and training on effective grant-seeking strategies, tips for resource advocacy, understanding specific funding opportunities, and other topics.
  • Resource Roadmap assistance to help communities chart the best resources for local projects.   
  • Weekly Funding Newsletter & Alert Memos to provide weekly notices of emerging funding opportunities, as well as regular, more detailed strategy documents on specific federal, philanthropic, and WV State funding opportunities. 
  • WVML Funding Helpline for members to receive initial consultations on whether a project is fundable, how to shape the project to be competitive, and key next steps to consider for pursuing specific funding. 
  • Federal Advocacy Agenda development to unify the voice of WV communities on important federal legislative, regulatory, and policy issues.   
  • WV Cities Washington Fly-In for WVML leadership and members to promote the WVML Advocacy Agency Agenda, build relationships with key federal officials, and help municipalities promote their individual projects and resource advocacy efforts.

For info contact us at 304-342-5564 or


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WVML 2021 Federal Advocacy Rollout

The West Virginia Municipal League and its 230 member cities, towns and villages have developed a federal advocacy agenda. It is our mission to be active in advocacy to the U.S. Congress, the White House, federal agencies, and key stakeholders on important federal legislation, regulation, policy and resource issues in 2021.

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