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Millions of families across the country count on childcare providers to allow them to work while at the same time ensuring their child receives high-quality and developmentally appropriate care. In all regions of the United States, cities are working to stabilize small businesses in their community but may not have thought about the critical sector that allows workers to be present in their jobs.  Across the United States, there are more than 19.8 million children under the age of

By AARP With a population nearing 900,000, Columbus, Ohio, is the largest municipality in the state and 14th largest in the US. It is Ohio’s state capital as well as home to Ohio State University and headquarters for five Fortune 500 companies. Combined with the rest of Franklin County, the area is home to about

On The Frontlines is a joint project between NLC and IGNITE Cities In the ‘Big Easy,’ where life has always moved at its own pace, Mayor LaToya Cantrell had to make a quick decision to slow the economic and social pace of her city when it was discovered as a hotspot for COVID-19. As confirmations

By Shoshana Preuss, Melissa Stanton, Jay Walljasper, Mike Watson Georgetown is an island community of 1,000 near Bath and Boothbay Harbor. Consisting of eight separate villages, the town is classic Maine— home to boat builders, seafood shacks, retirees, and artists. Maine has the highest concentration of older residents of any state in the union, and

By Shoshana Preuss, Melissa Stanton, Jay Walljasper, Mike Watson The Response  When in-person senior programs were canceled in March, the Aging Well Initiative shifted their information services to local newspapers and social media along with launching the  COVID-19 community monitoring dashboard — a one-stop-shop for accessing the county’s current case count and reporting symptoms. People

For most, the release from jail is a disorienting moment. While release symbolizes freedom, this freedom quickly becomes overwhelming for those who have to navigate their reentry delicately to achieve successful reintegration into the community. Reintegration is contingent upon an individual’s ability to secure safe and stable housing. Housing establishes the stability necessary for individuals

Thirty six million Americans have filed for unemployment over the past 60 days as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Local government employees are particularly at risk, with over 800,000 having lost their jobs in April alone. And since most Americans receive health insurance through their workplace, many more people and families are currently without

I’ve known that my town is essential for a long time – long before COVID-19 and the current crisis we’re facing as a nation. I knew before I was elected to Lexington Town Council in 2004. I knew before I joined the National League of Cities, first as a representative of my community, and now

In Charleston, WV, the city approved a $98.9 million budget in fiscal year 2019 but is on track to end with a $2 million deficit. The city of Boulder, CO, projects a shortfall of approximately $21 million in the general fund and a $41 million overall budget deficit. In New Orleans, LA, city officials estimate

Local leaders, like many of their residents, have had to adapt to a new normal in the wake of COVID-19. From stay-at-home orders to transitioning to virtual meetings, municipalities across the country are adjusting to ensure they stay connected to their residents.   The result, in the age of social distancing, is that municipal leaders are

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